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RAM Promaster with Murphy Bed


Design/Fabrication cost: $37,000

Material: $19,000

Van: $42,000

Total: $98,000

Designed for dance parties, dinner parties, working remote, and living on the road, this Promaster is ready for a growing family. With a large 800 watt solar array and robust electric system paired with a heated plumbing system, you won't have to worry about leaving behind any amenities. Natural materials like baltic birch, walnut, and a vibrant wallpaper have you feeling refreshed.

A young couple that works in tech and education found themselves wanting to travel and work remote in the summer months (and of course those spontaneous long weekends). The road awaits!

Every custom project begins with a conversation about 'how can we make the best possible tiny home, within your budget'. Things like maximizing solar power, indoor space, comfort, and adaptability drive the design and feed directly into the construction process.

Unlike the-other-guys, we actually do utilize every inch of space in a small project. This particular layout maintains a hallway width of 30", which is surprisingly impressive given the systems included. We pride ourselves on efficient design and stay away from the typical bulky, residential style cabinets used in other campervans. Pair that with a robust, rattle-free build and you'll have a tiny home that will hold it's resale value and be ready for twenty years of use.

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