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Gottbuilt is led by William and Rachel Gott and backed by a combined 20 years of work in the architecture, design, and fabrication industries.

After studying architecture & digital fabrication at Carnegie Mellon University, the two had the opportunity to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. There they learned to live close and live on the move, walking north for 2,000 miles, carrying two little backpacks.

The future is mobile, efficient, and grid-independent. And so should be your home or second home. Gottbuilt delivers a new standard of craft and design for the price. We are young, nimble, and ready to design / build your dream home.

Each custom project begins with a detailed set of 3D digital models and renders. We'll fine-tune to your liking, source material, and roll your rig into our shop. Typical builds will take 8-12 weeks.


Design + Fabrication packages start at $20k for Metris or smaller van and $35k for Sprinter or larger van.

Partial Build packages start at $5k.

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